Lineo 1.01

New take on the popular "Lines" series of games

LINEO is a new and enhanced variant of a popular and extremely addictive board game, also known as "Lines" or "Color Lines". The aim is to gain points by arranging 5 or more identical icons in a line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), to make them disappear from the board.

How to play

Click the piece you want to move and then at a free space anywhere on the board, but there must be a free path between the start and the target field!

The piece will quickly move there, taking the shortest available path. After each turn you make, three new pieces appear randomly - except when you successfully completed a line, so the board fills up quickly.

The pieces show colourful and easy to remember symbols, which makes the game much easier and more fun to play than with color dots.


You can choose from three different sets of pieces.

When you arrange lines of more than five pieces, you get additional bonus points: a line of five (the minimum) scores 5 points, but you get 12 points for a line of six, 21 points for a line of 7 and so on.

The game features optional sound effects, when a line is completed (a click for a line of five, a double-click for a line of six or more pieces), on game over and when a new highscore is gained.

Your highscore is saved (can be reset to zero). The next three pieces are displayed in a preview, so you can easier plan your moves ahead (can be turned off in the menu, to make it more challenging).

If there are only ten free spaces left, a bomb button appears. Press it in order to surrender the current game and to start a new one (works just like the "New Game" item in the menu: the game will not be scored).

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Lineo 1.01